Last Week in Digital 02/01-02/07

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

It’s Monday once again folks, which means that it’s time for you weekly dose of last week’s new digital music releases from the world of Idol. Indeed, it’s time for another edition of Last Week in Digital where I recap a bunch of music that came out in the last 7 days and put it into one nice, neat little post for you guys to pick through at your leisure. I give you content and you give me validation by making my traffic numbers go up, it’s a reciprocal relationship you see.

Not too bad of a week we’ve got to work with here in my humble opinion, with some release from fan favorites, plucky up and comers and a few other odds and ends sprinkled in between. By no means an exhaustive list I’m sure but I do my best to at least get all of the big names and as many of the smaller ones as I’m able to find. All with the goal of hopefully helping you guys to keep up with all of this stuff and hey, maybe you’ll even find something new to listen to while we’re at it. Ya never know.

I also post reviews here throughout the week so if that sort of thing interests you make sure to check back in tomorrow and on Thursday for some of that content. If not that’s cool too, I get it we’re all busy people after all. Before you go though I would just like to thank you for your interest in this particular piece of content and hopefully you’ll stop by next Monday when we do this all again here, same time and place. Regardless, I hope that you all have a great week, keep yourselves safe out there and we’ll talk again here real soon. Cheers!