Last Week in Digital 01/25-01/31

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Hello everyone and welcome to February…already, somehow. Not sure where that last month went but then all of the days have been blurring together for me for a while now so maybe it’s not that surprising. Welcome to the first edition of Last Week in Digital for 2021’s shortest month, the weekly(ish) feature where I round up as many of the digital Idol music releases from the last 7 days into one nice post for you to browse at your leisure. We do a pretty good job of it here at this point I think and it’s always nice to hear from people that they’ve found something cool as a result of one of these things that they otherwise might not have heard.

This week looks like we have a pretty nice mix of releases from groups on both ends of the Idol spectrum, so hopefully there’s something in here that everyone reading this can pick out and enjoy. Plenty of fairly well known names for sure, but also a few that even I’m not overly familiar with so definitely warranting further research I think. All a part of the fun as I always say, though finding new music to listen to has probably turned into a bit more of an addiction at this point than I would care to admit. There are worse things in the world to fixate on though I’m sure.

So yeah, feel free to have a scroll through the list below and click on anything that seems interesting to be taken to a page with links to stream/download the release in question on all manner of digital platforms. Also, if you’re a fan of my review content then make sure to check back tomorrow as well as on Thursday where I’ll have more of that sort of thing heading your way. If not then it’s all good, I hope you have a great week and maybe we’ll talk again next Monday when there should be another installment of this series. Either way, have a good one until the next time we talk, stay safe out there and hopefully I’ll see you again soon. Cheers!