Last Week in Digital 12/14-12/20

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Happy Monday everyone! Only a few more sleeps to go now before the big day, right? Well maybe if you live somewhere that hasn’t just been put back into the strictest level of COVID lockdown like the UK has anyway. Christmas has been well and truly cancelled here this year and probably for a lot of very valid reasons obviously. Still, it’s hard not to feel like it isn’t just another very hard kick in the teeth of what has already been a very dark and depressing 2020. Oh well, they tell me that there’s light coming at the end of the tunnel…eventually, I just hope it’s not the headlights on a speeding COVID death train is all.

On a slightly brighter note, I’m back with the latest installment of Last Week in Digital for you all to take a look at. It’s the weekly series where I try my best and probably still end up failing at rounding up all of the digital music releases from the world of Idol from the last 7 days and putting them into one neat post for you guys to click through at your leisure. It’s was a pretty busy week like it has been for the past month or so, with a whole host of different groups, genres, etc on offer so you’ll probably find at least one cool thing to listen to I hope!

I’ll also have a couple of reviews going out this week like usual, so hopefully you’ll come back either tomorrow or on Thursday for those. If that’s not your thing though it’s all good, I’ll most likely be back again next Monday with another edition of Last Week in Digital for you to check out. Either way, I hope you guys all have a great Christmas (or as great as possible, all things considered), thanks as always for your interest in my content and hopefully we’ll be back here talking again real soon. Have a good one in the meantime, cheers!