Last Week in Digital 11/16-11/22

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Welcome back to another Monday folks, and to another edition of Last Week in Digital! Your best/only source for all/most of the digital Idol music releases from the past 7 days. I know it ain’t perfect, but if someone wants to come along and do a better job recapping all of this insanity then they’re more than welcome to try! I’ll keep doing my thing right here though because honestly this is one of the main reasons that I’ve even been able to keep up with all of this stuff for the past several months. Hopefully you feel similarly, even if it’s just in some small way.

We once again have a pretty diverse list of releases on offer this week, though a lot of them aren’t really from groups that I tend to cover much if ever here on the site. There are definitely a couple that will be heading your way in the hopefully not too distant future though so keep your eyes peeled for those when the time does eventually come. In the meantime though, you should definitely have a click through all of the releases listed below and see if anything catches your ear. It never hurts to try new things, even if the cover of the book might not be something that you typically think that you would like.

So enjoy this week’s list of music whenever you have the chance to get around to it. If you’re coming back tomorrow or later in the week for our regularly scheduled review content then I’ll see you again for that when the time comes. If we’re parting ways again here for another week then I hope it treats your well and that you’re keeping healthy out there in these still uncertain times. Thanks as always for your interest in the music and my content and we’ll hopefully talk again here real soon. Cheers!