Last Week in Digital 10/5-10/11

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it’s Monday once again which means everything resets and we start the long trek towards the weekend all over again. It’s not all bad news though, Monday also means it’s time for another edition of Last Week in Digital where I do my best to round up all of the digital music releases from the world of Idol in the last 7 days into one nice post for you to peruse at your leisure. Just my little way of trying to help out in these tough times and it seems like you guys like these so I’ll keep doing them for as long as possible here.

So this week started out pretty slow and I wasn’t totally sure we’d even get a post out of it until a few days ago when the floodgates opened and a whole bunch of stuff got uploaded to all of the various streaming services out there. Quite a lot of these releases listed below are from groups that even I haven’t heard of before so you can bet even I’ll be checking a few of these out when time allows. At least on the surface it looks like we’ve got some nice variety going on this week and given the sheer volume here I’m sure everyone should be able to find something that’s of some interest to them. If not then oh well, I tried my best I suppose!

Well, I’m sure you guys all have a bunch of stuff going on at the start of a new week here so I’ll leave you to click through all of these in your own time. Hopefully you find something cool/interesting to you and let me know on social media if you do because it’s always cool to hear about stuff like that. Also, if you think I missed something then also feel free to reach out and I’ll try to get it added in so we can share the wealth of great new music. If you’re coming back tomorrow for the first of 2 Idol reviews this week then I’ll see you then but if that’s not your thing then I’ll hopefully see you back here again next Monday so we can do this all again. Either way, I hope you guys all have a great week, stay safe and well out there and we’ll talk again soon. Enjoy!