Episode 01: The Virus From Outer Space

by Garry

I guess we really are doing this, aren’t we?


After the very positive response I got for the pilot, I’ve decided to officially launch a new podcast on the site. Welcome to The SHiT Show!

Everyone needs a distraction from this whole Coronavirus thing, so in the first official episode of the podcast I spend over an hour sharing my thoughts (that no one asked for)…on the Coronavirus! I give you a rundown of what it’s all about if you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months, let you know what the situation is like currently in the UK where I live and recap the current state of affairs over in Japan before moving into the main topic of the show; How COVID-19 is going to impact the Japanese music scene. Both in the immediate future and also where I see things heading a few months down the line if we continue on the current trajectory.

I also give some suggestions on how you can help support your favorite groups/bands during this time and would encourage you all to do so if you’re in a position that allows it. There are actually so many things we can all do and not all of them even cost money, so take a listen to my advice and heck maybe even come up with your own ways of showing your favorites that you’re thinking about them at this time. There’s already a great community spirit springing up around this both overseas and in Japan so don’t be afraid to get involved if you can!

Also don’t be afraid to get involved with the show! I know I’m not streaming live but I’m always happy to hear your feedback on things like sound quality, the topics I bring up or anything else I can do to make the listening experience more enjoyable for you all. You can do all of this and also suggest things for me to cover on the show by either sending an email to idolisshit(at)gmail(dot)com or looking me up on Twitter @idolisshit. I read everything you guys send me and try to respond too when I can.

Hopefully you find this first episode interesting/enjoyable/etc and I’ll try to get another one of these things out in the next couple of weeks. I know we all need distractions right now so if my writing or droning voice can provide one for you then I’ll consider that as me doing my small part. Stay safe and healthy out there, enjoy the show and I’ll hopefully see you all again on the next one.