[PV Roundup] Morning Musume ’16, Moso Calibration, Yumemiru Adolescence

by Mike

Yumemiru Adolescence – “Otona Yarasete Yo”


Yumemiru Adolescence recently had some bad news come out. Supermodel-tier babe Kobayashi Rei has announced a hiatus from the group due to polyps on her vocal cords, preventing her from singing. I’m sure I can speak for all two of us who regularly contribute to this web site that we wish her a complete recovery and await her hopefully returning to this awesome group. I’ve been a big fan of this group for a little while now. Their music and videos are really fun. The PV for this one is cool, but I’m afraid I can’t hang with the song at all.

Luckily I’m a PV reviewer primarily, so let’s talk about this video. It has a really nice atmosphere. There’s an air of chaos to every scene. Most start off innocent enough, but then the clip literally twitches and all hell breaks loose. The girls will be walking down the street one moment, suddenly they’re possessed by who knows what and running down the crowded streets, tearing up trash bags, chewing on flares, and borderline feeling each other up. There’s really not a rhyme or reason to the chaos, but who cares? It looks awesome.

The camera work is great and there’s a really awesome use of speed modification throughout to slow down and enunciate cool shots, and speed up the more empty ones. The selection of scenes is pretty diverse and awesome. The close up shots of the girls embracing is more than a little sensual in nature, and some of the expressions turn up the heat, at least for me. Good timing since it’s starting to get cold here. Thanks Yumeado for considering my heating bill. The scenes where the girls are going wild and tearing things up have this really weird, cool artsy touch to them. Who knew idols tearing up people’s trash could be this enthralling?

No idol uniforms this time around. Instead, the girls are wearing a diverse range of clothing that’s all very stylish. Personally, I think Ogino Karin gets the coolest outfit. It has a slight hint of punk rocker girl to it and she wears the style quite well. Shida Yumi gets a really nice white and black one piece dress, too. Yamada Akari and Kyouka also get nice outfits but my bias is closely focused on the other two for this video. The PV is filmed in a pretty packed shopping district that I honestly don’t recognize. A lot of it is in back alleys complete with adult DVD shops in view. It’s a very nice location for this PV and serves the atmosphere very well.

Overall it’s a very well made PV with a weird twist. No real dance shot, just some singing interlaced with all the chaos going on and it’s really well done. MVP shot of the PV is Shida Yuumi’s somersaulting in the middle of a crosswalk. I’m sure that had to be an interesting twist to the day of those onlookers. Japanese people really don’t bat an eye at anything on the street, huh? But yeah, good times with this PV.

Sadly though, this song is just…So bad. I honestly can’t stand it. I am so, so sad to say it because I’ve loved their past tunes but this song’s instrumentals sound horribly grating to me. They sound really flat and tinny. I think it’d benefit greatly from a little more substance in the bass area. The vocals too are okay, but feel just a little empty. Perhaps it’s the missing lady, or maybe it’s just the instrumentals not bringing anything together, but the song just sounds like an entire piece of the track is missing. But hey, at least the PV is solid.


Yumemiru Adolescence’s new single drops November 23rd.

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