[PV Roundup] La PomPon, Akishibu Project, Tochiotome25, Fudanjuku

by Mike


This week on PV Roundup, pretty girls and dreamy boys aplenty!


La PomPon – “Omoide no Kujukurihama”


La PomPon is a group I really enjoy. They really don’t have a set style of any kind. Their PVs have ranged from plain ‘ol dance shots to CGI-laden spectacles. Their music, while remaining in the realm of pop, has been all over the board as well. The variety is appreciated though because to me, they’ve been consistently entertaining. There’s also the detail that I’m totally an oshi of the epically gorgeous Karen. Bias levels are quite high.

So this time around, it looks like the group is going for a more down to earth PV. This works in their favor for sure. The calm nature of the song wouldn’t do very well with wacky aftereffects and CGI stuff. There’s a collection of dance and interaction shots that are all filmed on a beach setting. Might as well milk it while it’s still in season, yeah? The scenery is pretty empty, but pleasant enough.

What really makes the setting so nice is the light, but perfect post production. The colors are fuzzed out just a tiny bit, which gives the video a slightly retro look. This fits in perfectly with the song. Nice job to whoever toned this one down. There’s also a select few shots in front of some garage with an old Ford truck which gives the video another slight hint of artificial aging. Nice touch, intentional or not.

On the subject of great scenery, the girls look awesome in this video. Their one outfit for this PV are these really nice idolized sailor outfits, complete with Anchor decals. They’re mostly white with red and blue accents. They stand out well against the backdrop of the video, and to some degree match the scenery I suppose. If I may fanboy for a moment, Karen in particular looks so gorgeous. I love her hair in this PV.

Everything about the PV is just so light and pleasant. The dancing isn’t anything fancy but its tempo is so in line with the song. The interaction shots don’t try to shove in any story and just focus on the fun. It’s just the right mix of pretty much everything. Very enjoyable for what it is.

The song itself is pretty wonderful too. I’m not really sure what to classify it as. It reminds me of old, good AKB stage music. It’s moderate tempo and has a bit of sass in the instrumentals. It’s a really nice change from the usual high energy idol pop tunes and there’s a lot of life in this style of song if it’s done well, and I think it’s presented awesomely here. It’s also a shorter song clocking in at just over three minutes, so it doesn’t drag at all. The vocals of this group are pretty good and I think they shine here especially. I will definitely have to pick this one up.


La PomPon’s new single drops September 7th.

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