[PV Roundup] Oyasumi Hologram, 9nine, Q’ulle, ANGERME, Morning Musume ’16

by Mike


If your desire is negative reviews, you’re in for bad time this week. Between the return of my favorite group to an old favorite nailing it hardcore, this has been a kickass week for idol videos. Sorry.


Oyasumi Hologram – “Neromancer”


Oyasumi Hologram is fairly new to me, recently introduced into my musical rotation by Garry. I’ve very much taken a liking to them as they represent a genre of electronic music that doesn’t get much attention these days. They have a really awesome, fuzzy, almost melancholic flavor of electronic music that you don’t see very much anymore. Oyasumi Hologram recently released three new PV’s, and I’ll be focusing on my favorite of the bunch.

This song wastes no time throwing you right into the fuzzy beats, and I think the video’s setting compliments this very well with a very rough looking, if not slightly stoic outdoor shot of a refinery area of some kind. In a way I can’t really find words for, it all melts together very well. Putting it simply, it works. Tying into this, a lot of the solo member and studio shots are also filmed in tight quarters. There are a select few shots of the girls walking down a city street, but it’s very gritty looking and fits in with the rest of the shots very well. This PV definitely gets an A+ for setting.

The technical side of things is also pretty well done. The camera work and selection of shots is pretty on point, and we get many shots of these girls looking fantastic, striking awesome poses, and being overall badasses. The only real dancing to speak of is done by an extra, but the girls are too busy following the mood of the PV for that happy-go-lucky nonsense. Their solo and studio shots more than make up for a lack of dance because they nail literally every single pose they do. I can also say I rather like the lighting in this PV. Also, the colors largely left alone. Thank you!

As for the song, I think you can already tell that I’m a big fan of this one. The instrumentals are really fuzzy and awesomely done. I really love the melancholic feel they seem to project, and coupled with the girls’ voices it works very well. Both of them have a very Shiina Ringo feel to their vocals, and sound excellent. This is definitely a group that should get some more awareness in the fandoms on both sides of the ocean. They’re pretty great.


“Neuromancer” is part of Oyasumi Hologram’s 2nd album, “2”, which dropped April 22nd.

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