[PV Roundup] Oyasumi Hologram, 9nine, Q’ulle, ANGERME, Morning Musume ’16

by Mike

ANGERME – “Koi Nara Tokkuni Hajimatteru”


Now, we turn our attention to the last PV for ANGERME’s latest triple-A side. So far, we’ve been treated to some pretty awesome productions relating to this release, and it looks like ANGERME is going three for three with this release. Wow.

I almost feel compelled to look for issues since I’ve been so overwhelmingly positive with this release, and I guess I do have one or two. The video of this PV looks a little ghostly from the color saturation. Everything is a very dull sepia and it’s not necessarily off-putting, but it’s more than noticeable.

That’s about it, honestly. This is a really fun PV. The dancing isn’t the most intense we’ve seen ANGERME do, but it’s pretty energetic. This is a good thing since the PV mostly focuses on the dance shot. The set is a large ballroom and very generic, but it’s nice enough. We’re also treated to some pretty nice solo shots of each member in between shots. Everything is filmed very well and the flow of action versus still shots is well balanced.

The outfits are also very nice. We’re treated to two sets, the first being various wears of black-on-white for the dance shots. They’re actually pretty gorgeous outfits, with Tamura Meimi and Katsuta Rina getting the nicest ones. The second set of outfits are more uniform red dresses with black lace features. They’re nice enough but we really don’t see much of those.

Can Dracula not leave? Seriously. (Dracula = nickname for Meimi. It’s kind of an inside joke, forgive us.)

Song-wise, this one is pretty good. It doesn’t really have the impact that the other two songs had, but it’s still nice to listen to. Fans of S/mileage’s old sound might love this one. It reminds me of their older days for sure, with a dash of C-ute’s style tossed in for good measure. Tamura Meimi, Katsuta Rina, and Takeuchi Akari lead this song with other members taking more of a background role, with the exception of an occasional transition or two.

I really like how this single has given us such a balance of power throughout the songs, with a slight Meimi bias for obvious, sad reasons. It’s really refreshing to get a little of everyone, even if this song’s distinct lack of Murota Mizuki does make me a little sad. In any case, while it falls into more mellow territory in the grand scheme of the single, it’s still a fantastically executed PV with a pretty cool song.


ANGERME’s 4th single, or 21st single depending on how you want to think about it, dropped April 27th.

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