[PV Roundup] PASSPO☆, Kobushi Factory, i☆Ris, Silent Siren, Dream5

by Mike

Dream5 – “Futuristic”


Dream5 has long been a group I’ve enjoyed very much. Avex productions were my very first experience with Japanese pop music, and this group is by far the most loyal to that sound I first heard nearly 15 years ago. Western fandom doesn’t seem terribly interested in this group, aside from the breakout hit they had with “Youkai Taisou Daiichi”, which gained traction in Japan for…some reason. I know it was an anime tie-in, but really, it ended up being a surprise hit. Personally, I think if you want Dream5 at their best you’d be better off with likes of “Koi no Dial 6700” or “Shekimeki!”, but I digress.

Dream5’s latest PV is a real treat. On the video front, we are greeted with quite a few gorgeous outdoor shots, as well as a collection of studio dance shots. Most of these outdoor set pieces appear to be shot somewhere in Odaiba, or a neighboring area around Tokyo Bay. These really pulled at my heartstrings, as I was lucky enough to be there myself in late 2014. There’s also a bit of “Japan filter” in these shots with considerably dulled colors, but I think it’s just the right amount and adds a very nostalgic feeling to the video. Well, for me, anyway.

The outdoor shots are very beautifully done, and the members are all dressed to impress. The dance shots are fairly standard and slightly monochromatic in both set and outfit, but do the job well. I like Momona’s outfit best, but that could be bias showing. They’ve definitely all grown up into very beautiful young women, and while I’m not exactly qualified to comment on Akira I’m sure he has no trouble with the ladies.

Song-wise, man…You know those songs you can turn on, close your eyes, and feel like you’re going back in time? This is totally one of those tracks for me. I feel like I’m thrown back into the days of Max Matsuura-produced Avex and it’s simply wonderful. It almost makes me want to grab my paper copy of TV guide and see what’s gonna be on Toonami after a long day of high school. Heh.

Others may think of this sound as dated, something TRF would have done, but for me that’s a large reason why I totally love this song and group in general. It’s definitely a throwback to an era that is only seen now as a flashback on a new year’s special.

I think most Dream5 songs have this element to them, but this one is by far the most old school Avex-ish I’ve heard from them, but in a good way. It’s hard to see past the nostalgia, but beyond that I still think this is a very lovely song. It has a nice flow and nothing about the vocals or instrumentals is too harsh.

The ladies and gentleman deliver a really great light pop track here. It’s soothing to listen to. Soothing is not often a word that can be used with J-Pop, so I think this one is a real winner. For me, it’s the best Dream5 song in a good few years, and I generally like what they put out so that’s saying something.


“Futuristic” is part of Dream5’s upcoming album, COLORS, which drops February 24th.

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