Last Week in Digital 06/21-06/27

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all been making the most of your summer so far…assuming you’re in a part of the world where it’s currently a thing anyway. It’s Monday so we’re back here once again with another edition of Last Week in Digital. Your weekly look back at all of the digital music releases from the world of Idol in the past 7 days. I kinda hoped that someone else would have stolen the idea and done it better by now but here we are I guess. If not me then who else will, right?

So we’ve got a pretty nice amount of variety here this week, with plenty from both the more traditional as well as the alternative end of the Idol music spectrum. I never say there’s something here for everyone because there probably isn’t, but weeks like these are pretty much your best bet to find something because there really is a whole lot of different sounds, styles and personalities on offer here.

With that said, feel free to scroll on down and see if anything takes your fancy. If it does, let me know how it goes and share your newest discovery with a friend or two if you think they might like it too. I’m just trying to share cool music with people here, its never really been about anything else honestly. I also write reviews too and have a couple coming out throughout the week so make sure to check back for those too if you’d like. If not it’s all good, thanks for the interest in this series, hopefully you all have a great week and I’ll maybe see you again for another one of these things in about 7 days time. Yeah, that’d be pretty cool.