Last Week in Digital 01/04-01/17

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Last Week in Digital of 2021! The weekly(ish) feature where I try my best to round up all of the new digital music releases from the world of Idol from the last week into one easier to follow article that you can tap through at your leisure. We took the first week of the year off because frankly pretty much everyone else did but now we’re back with a bumper edition of what I hope is one of the more useful pieces of content that this site has been producing as of late.

As you can see there was quite a lot of new music released over the past couple of weeks, both from fairly well known acts and also a bunch of stuff from some much less well known faces. While I doubt most people will have the time or inclination to listen to absolutely everything listed below I would definitely encourage you all to take a chance on at least one or two things that catch your eye as you never know just where or when you’ll discover a new favorite group. That’s part of the fun for me with this sort of stuff at least so hopefully it is for some of you guys too.

That being said, I think it’s about time that I leave you guys to check out some of this new music that I’ve got listed here. If you discover something cool then make sure to tell me and everyone else all about it on social media and share some of that love around. I also have a couple of reviews heading your way later in the week like always so if you’re coming back for then I’ll talk to you again tomorrow and/or Thursday. If not it’s all good but I hope you’ll come back next Monday when there should hopefully be another edition of Last Week in Digital for you to check out and the time and place as always. Either way, I hope everyone has a great week, stays safe out there and we’ll talk again here real soon. Cheers!