Last Week in Digital 11/30-12/6

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Tis the season folks and as hard as it is to believe, Christmas is less than 3 weeks away at this point. Most of us probably aren’t in the most festive of moods given the year that we’ve just had but I always find that this time of year is good for taking stock of what you’ve got and appreciating that while things might not be great in some ways, they could be a lot worse in others. Or if you’re not into that motivational stuff then at least you’ll hopefully get some cool presents under your tree or in your stocking on the big day that is now rapidly approaching.

The Idol scene has been very busy in recent weeks, lavishing us with an endless stream of gifts in the form of new digital releases as it feels like every group is trying their best to get one more single, album, whatever out there before we tick over into 2021. That’s where Last Week in Digital comes in, it’s a weekly feature where I try my best to consolidate all of the new Idol music from the last 7 days into one easy to follow post which hopefully makes things much easier and less time consuming for all of you guys to keep up with this stuff. I’m wasting my time so you don’t have to is essentially what it comes down to at the end of the day I suppose.

As you can see, there’s a ton of new stuff again this week so I won’t keep you here much longer waffling on. Your time is much better spent checking out new music from all of the groups listed below so I’ll let you get on with that now. Hopefully I’ll see some of you again later in the week for my review content but if not then make sure you come back again next Monday for another installment in this series. Either way, I hope you all have a great week in the meantime, keep yourselves safe and well out there and we’ll talk again real soon I hope. Cheers!