Last Week in Digital 11/02-11/08

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Man, where did the last 7 days even go? Oh hey, welcome back to another edition of Last Week in Digital. The now regular feature on the site where I try my best to corral all of the digital music releases from the past week in Idol to make it just that little bit easier for us all to keep track of things. The results are still far from perfect but I’d like to think that I at least feature all of the main stuff and a lot of the more obscure stuff where I can. In the end the goal is to provide something of value to the community and I hope that that is what I’m doing here.

Last week was much quieter than the week before, with a much more conservative number of digital releases hitting most/all of the major streaming platforms. I can’t say that I mind that too much because even I haven’t got around to checking out everything that I wanted to from a couple of weeks ago so having a bit more time to catch up is no bad thing at all. Though there are a couple of things that caught my eye from the list below too so I’m not sure how successful I’m going to be when it comes to that. Let me know if you’re having any better luck than I am.

Right then, I suppose I better leave you to it so you can check out some of this new music. Be sure to let me know if you hear something that interested you. If you’re coming back tomorrow or later in the week for my review content then I’ll see you again then but if that’s not what you’re here for then I guess it’s goodbye again until next Monday. Either way, I hope you have a great week, keep yourselves safe out there in this crazy world and thanks for checking out my content. Have a good one and we’ll hopefully talk again soon here. Cheers!