Episode 0: Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won’t

by Garry

Nothing to see here, just a harmless April Fools joke. Or is it?


So I’m running out of distractions from this whole COVID-19 thing and I figured I might try to start up a podcast for a laugh. This is a pilot episode if you can even call it that, where I basically just fumble through what my ideas are for this thing and probably say “Umm” so much that you could make a drinking game out of it. Seriously, don’t try to do that as you probably will die if the Corona doesn’t get you first.

I did everything on this recording with no help whatsoever by the way, from the recording to the editing and all that fun stuff. Never done that before so please do let me know if I fucked anything up super badly. This is a test episode, so you won’t hurt my feelings too badly (you will) if you completely bury me. I think I made a pretty decent effort of it but you guys are going to hopefully have to listen to a few more of these things so your opinion is the most important one here.

Speaking of which, if you have a topic you want me to cover, feedback on anything at all or just want to say hello then you can send an email to idolisshit(at)gmail(dot)com or look me up on Twitter @idolisshit. I’ve got a few ideas in mind but if there’s anything you’d like me to share some thoughts on then I’d be more than happy to. This is just a bit of fun for me but it’d be cool if I could make it fun for some of you guys too in these uncertain times that we find ourselves in.

If you find this interesting that’s awesome. If you don’t then at least I posted it on April 1st so I can walk this back as just a wacky April Fools joke if it completely bombs. Either way, you kids stay safe out there ya hear and I’ll see you on the next one (hopefully)!