The podcast is back after being forced to take the last week off due to their being pretty much nothing to talk about. Not much we can do if our subject matter decides to collectively take the week off too. Don’t worry though, Terry (@ramenshuriken), John (@StraightFromJpn) and myself have a packed show for you this week and it kicks off with Terry recapping his experience at the NECRONOMIDOL show in London. From there we of course then bring you all of the news, MVs and opinions from the last couple of weeks in the world of Japanese Alternative Idol. It’s a fun one so hopefully you guys all enjoy it too.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on anything we discussed on the show. We’d also love to hear any feedback that you might have for us because we’re always looking to improve things if it’s something that’s realistically achievable. If you’d like to get in contact with us, feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube video or send a tweet over to the podcast Twitter account @altidolpodcast. We make sure to read every comment/tweet sent our way.

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  • Tobi (トビ)

    Nice podcast, though I really struggle to understand your accent some time 😉
    Nice review of the Necronomidol show. Must have been awesome, especially for first-timers. What do you guys think of the “just” group chekis. The had no individuals or handshakes like in Japan. (Talked with Himari there).
    Also I would like to have more info on the Japan Expo. I hadn’t heard of any stories from there. But as I had been to the Expo in 2015 (I talked to Noora and Petra by the way, who were just fans then), I would like to hear further reports. Back then, cheki or handshake tickets for the “big” groups where only given out by lottery, and if you had taken part in the cheki session at friday, for example, you weren’t allowed to attend it on Saturday. Hence I wonder how the japanese fans managed it this time to occupy the idols most of the time. Only with small idols (Tsuzuki Kana, Stand Up Girl, Hiiragi Rio,…) the cheki session where handled like in Japan. Did the fans occupy that?
    What about Hyper Japan these days? Anything idol related there? 2015 was great with Denpagumi, Heisei Kotohime,… but the subsequent Hyper Festivals hardly had anything idol at all.
    How about you talk about those, was it fumu chekis? Those where fans degrade themselves by letting the idol step upon them.
    Another idea would be the eplus situation, with its phone verification.

    • Terry Wilkinson

      Thanks for the great comment! We’ll keep your ideas in mind for our next show! Much appreciated