[PV Roundup] You’ll Melt More!, Wa-suta, HKT48, Terashima Yufu

by Mike

Terashima Yufu – “Watashi ni Naru”


Most of the former BiS girls are part of pretty awesome projects these days, but Terashima Yufu remains my favorite. Her transformation has been by far the most unique, going from the wild alternative musings of that group to lovely, simple soft pop music with a more typical idol image. Her career has been a lot of fun. She pulls off the genre well, her voice is one of the most pleasant I’ve ever heard, and her wife-like looks make her simply irresistible. Prepare for my fanboying and an almost inevitable five star rating.

The visuals of this PV are impossible for me to not be biased on. Fairly regularly, a Yufu picture or video leaves me banging my head on my desk pondering why this universe has not allowed me to be her husband, and this PV is probably the biggest waifu synapse trigger I’ve ever seen. In this video, Yufu plays the role of a shop worker creating various delicacies for her customers.

Naturally, she encounters some light hardships that are solved in all of 20 seconds as is normal in the idol world, but her outfits in this one are so cute it’s almost too much for my heart to handle. She looks so cute as a shop attendant, and the few scenes where she’s laying around in her pajamas are also really great. Additionally, her more general outfit of a blouse and long dress is pure waifu. She looks so good in this PV that it really does leave me sighing at how dreamy this girl is. As the kids say, I can’t even.

Also adding to the eye candy is the scenery. The setting seems pretty rural, with lots of greenery as far as the camera can see. The buildings also appear older and more spacious than you’d find in the city. The shots where Yufu is walking down a path are even more gorgeous thanks to this landscape. The indoor shots are all very nice and feature decorations and accessories that are almost stereotypically Japanese.

The production for this PV is very basic, which I think helps promote its light mood very well. The camera shots are all very nice, with a generous use of high quality panning and allowing the scene at hand to play out before switching away. It’s nice to see a PV let things flow along. The shots also play up to the natural light with some well-crafted, mood-making lens flares instead of relying on aftereffects for that. Aside from a hint of sepia that actually plays up to the setting quite well, the PV’s colors feel very natural. Everything is consistent and beautiful. Especially Yufu. *sigh*

The song itself seems pretty par for Yufu’s course. The instrumentals are standard pop in nature with a light overall feel. It’s really reminiscent of her previous work, which I find terrific. I love her light tunes. Vocals are also similar to what we’ve seen before. Yufu has a very soft voice overall, but is able to control it in a really beautiful way. The notes she hits have this ear meltingly pleasant effect and are just…ugh, so good. I could listen to her sing all day. It’s a wonderful release from a wonderful artist.

And a wonderful wife.


Terashima Yufu’s 1st full-length album drops September 21st.

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