Last Week in Digital 07/25-07/31

by Garry

A weekly roundup of the past week’s digital releases.

Hello folks and welcome in for another absolutely jam packed edition of Last Week in Digital. This series has become a bit of a beast in its own right and lately it’s hard enough to put these things together when I’m not out of town for half of the weekend. Still, we’re here and hopefully you guys still find these posts useful because they really are a labor of love. Heavy emphasis on the labor hah.

Check back later in the week too if you’d like to read some more of my musings on other Idol things. It’s usually a pretty fun time and it’ll eat up a minute or two of your day that could have been spent doing something you didn’t really want to do anyway. That’s my hard sell on it at least so hopefully that might have enticed a few of you to come have a read again later in the week. Regardless, I hope you’re all doing great out there, have a good one and we’ll hopefully talk again soon. Cheers!