[Review] WORL’S END – Dreaming・Dreaming

by Garry

My thoughts on “Dreaming・Dreaming”, the second new song from the new look WORL’S END.

Release Date: March 28th 2021


1. Dreaming・Dreaming


While I may not be particularly great at practicing what I preach, especially not lately, I do still maintain that everyone should give new things a try where possible. Just generally in life and more specifically here when it comes to checking out new music. You never really know when something might come along that you might not expect to enjoy initially but ends up being a very pleasant surprise. If you don’t try it out then you’re never going to know, right?

That’s kind of where I’m at with WORL’S END right now I suppose, granted it is fairly early days as I’ve only really listened to one song from the group so far. The song in question being “Scarlet” and you can read my review of it here if you’d like to know exactly what I thought about it. Basically this is the start of a new chapter for the group and I’ve been aware of them for a bit now so I figured why not dip my toe in the pool and get a better idea of what they’re like musically. Trying new things and all that.

Well, WORL’S END aren’t wasting any time getting this new era going as they’ve already got a second digital single out as a follow up to “Scarlet”. The advantage of living in this new digital age I suppose, you can really put the accelerator to the floor when you want to. “Dreaming・Dreaming” is the song in question this time out and I’m kinda hoping for/expecting something along the lines of the very entertaining and surprisingly emotionally charged qualities of the track that they released just a week or two prior to this one. There’s only one way to find out though and I’ve been eager to check out more music from this group so let’s get this review started and do just that.

A somewhat glitchy, very energetic and synthesizer driven instrumental is how we open on “Dreaming・Dreaming” and it’s certainly not the Rock direction that I was expecting the track to take, but there is an undercurrent of it buried in there somewhere if you listen hard enough for it. Or you could just wait a little until the vocals come in and the track shift more toward a Rock composition but still holding onto a lot of the energy and some of the synths that it lead off with. A twangy guitar riff takes over but still very much compliments all of the synth elements as well as the beat which bounces along with it, along with the vocals. Speaking of which, the vocals are more in line with what we heard on “Scarlet” with some pretty powerful deliveries though on this track they’re also supplemented by various cheers some pretty slick lyrical hooks to tie it all together nicely as the styles are a little bit of a contrast by themselves I think it’s fair to say.

The choruses don’t hit quite as hard as I expected them to if I’m being honest, but the softer fuzzy sort of vibe they went with does still work very well and I totally get what they were going for even if it wasn’t what I was personally hoping for. It does give the track a bit more of a…typical Idol vibe which you need sometimes and like I said I’m not overly familiar with WORL’S END so this could just be their base sort of sound or something. Regardless, this is still a very enjoyable song with some really positive energy and bright personality behind it…and a pretty sick breakdown or two along the way as well which was a nice surprise. Throw in a perfectly executed climax to close things out and there’s very little not to like here as far as I’m concerned.

Mixing Rock with J-Pop sensibilities is something that usually ends up working out pretty well for whoever is choosing to do so and that’s the case here too with WORL’S END and “Dreaming・Dreaming”. The result is a very solid track which is sure to have some pretty appeal and that was likely the intended outcome given the group just now being at the start of a new chapter in its existence. Can’t really argue with any of that now can we?

I’ll definitely be paying a bit closer attention to WORL’S END going forward I think, as these couple of songs have left a pretty positive first impression on me despite not really knowing much of anything about the group or having very high expectations coming in. Look for another review on the site whenever they next have some new material for me to listen to and in the meantime I might even try to make some time to go back and check out some of their older stuff too.


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