[Roundup] Non-Idol Picks of Q2 2018

by Garry

CHARAN-PO-RANTAN – Page wo Mekutte

Chances are, if CHARAN-PO-RANTAN have released something new since I last did one of these roundups then it’s going to get included here. Even if it’s “just” a digital single like “Page wo Mekutte” that was released in conjunction with the movie “Kiss Dekiru Gyouza”. Apparently the movie is about love, drama and…gyouza because it’s Japan and why not I guess. Well the sister duo of CHARAN-PO-RANTAN have served up two fresh songs in “Page wo Mekutte” and “juu-juu” for this movie and they’re pretty much what you’d expect them to be. That being of course Pop songs tinged with plenty of elements of Eastern European Folk music, Polka and things of that nature. I suppose the title track is maybe a little more straightforward or “mainstream” if you will but b-side “juu-juu” more than makes up for it with a heavy slant on the aforementioned styles of music. I’m not really sure what keeps me coming back to CHARAN-PO-RANTAN but for some reason they’re just so compelling to me.