[Top 10] Album Releases of 2017

by Garry

It’s that time of year again. Here are my Top 10 Idol Albums of 2017.

Well, you’re probably all sick to death of “Best of 2017” lists at this point seeing as everyone seemed to have theirs out before December was even half over. Not really sure what the rationale behind that was but hey man, I ain’t about to tell anyone how to live their life. If you would perhaps indulge me just a little over the next two weeks, I would like to present to you my personal 2017 Top 10 lists for your consideration/scorn/approval/etc. If you have absolutely zero interest in any of this then I can only apologize but it’s not like there’s anything coming out this month for me to review anyway.

So yeah, I have two Top 10 articles that I will be posting on the site over the next two weeks. We’re starting off today with my “Top 10 Album Releases of 2017” and then we’ll finish things off with my “Top 10 Non-Album Releases of 2017” next week. These are my personal lists based off of my own opinions and I’m not trying to say anything more than that. It’s stupid that I even had to type that last sentence but I know some people get a bit riled up if you don’t include something or don’t rank it highly enough. Did I mention I also hate ranking things? I didn’t? Well, now you know.

Before we get into things, here are the criteria I’m operating under just so we’re clear. This list features music that was released physically in 2017 (no, the Dots album does not count), releases that were marketed as albums (7 track EPs/mini-albums are out) and releases that are generally accepted to be of the “Idol” variety. That being said, it’s my list so if you think I included something that doesn’t fall into those categories…oh well? Also, if you think my list is wrong/stupid/etc then feel free to tell me what your Top 10 would have been in the comment section instead of resorting to name-calling.

As far as the format of this post goes, it’s pretty straightforward. I’m going to count down my Top 10 from 10 to 1, for each release I’ll write about a paragraph or so summing up my thoughts on it, below that there will be a link to my full review (if I got around to writing one) and below that there will be affiliate links to purchase it if you so desire. If the thought of having to read that much is unbearable to you then there’s also a YouTube video of the Top 10 that you can watch instead. That’s quite enough rambling from me though, let’s start the stupid countdown already.