The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep. 11 – SOCiALiSM Did not work

by Garry

It’s another week so that means it’s time for another Alternative Idol Podcast. I actually bothered to show up for this one too so you guys have no excuse not to watch this week. I’m feeling much better now by the way, thanks for asking. Terry (@ramenshuriken) and John (@StraightFromJpn) are also there of course, but they didn’t bring any of the audio gremlins that were present last week with them fortunately.

There also wasn’t any MVs to talk about this week because I guess everyone got lazy and didn’t bother to put anything out. There was a ton of news though so we managed to make a show happen anyway for you lovely people. We know you need your weekly dose of all things from the world of Japanese Alternative Idol.

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