The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep. 10 – It’s ANOTHER Chanmomo Podcast

by Garry

So I let the side down big time this week, as someone decided to share their cold with me which meant I was in no fit state to record a podcast. Thankfully Terry (@ramenshuriken) and John (@StraightFromJpn) still smashed it…well, apart from whatever went wrong with Terry’s microphone anyway. We think we’ve fixed it though so it should be all good for the next recording. Just a heads up that things might not sound as good as usual. You’re still getting all of the latest news, MVs and releases from the past week in the world of Japanese Alternative Idol though so be sure to check the podcast out.

Unforeseen audio issues aside, we think we do a pretty good job with the show but we also want to hear what you guys think. Like something? Let us know. Think we can do something better? We’re all ears. Want to comment on something we talked about? Feel free to leave whatever is on your mind in the comment section of the YouTube video. We make sure to read all of them and take your opinions on board. We like to have fun with this but it doesn’t mean we can’t also try to put out the best listening experience possible.

You can also reach us via the show’s Twitter account @altidolpodcast.

The podcast is now available on the following audio platforms:

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