The Alternative Idol Podcast Ep. 8 – Everybody Gets a New Member

by Garry

The show returns for what I think has to be a record third week in a row. We were a bit light on the video side of things this week but the news and some great discussions more than made up for it. We like to have fun with these podcasts but we also want them to be entertaining, informative and above all else accurate. All that while attempting to cover all of the recent developments in the world of Japanese Alternative Idol.

We feel pretty confident that we’ve got the informative and accurate bits down, not so sure about the entertaining yet but we’re working on it! Feel free to leave myself, Terry (@ramenshuriken) and John (@StraightFromJpn) your feedback in the comment section of the video. We read everything and are very appreciative of all of the comments you guys leave for us on all of the social networks as well. If you could maybe give the show a share on your platform of choice as well, that’d be awesome! We want to reach as many ears as possible but we can’t do it without you guys.

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