[Editorial] Know Your BiStory #5: My Ixxx

by Garry


In which I talk about a BiS song that is particularly close to my heart.

So yeah, Brand-new Idol Society, well Pour Lui really, recently announced that the group would be coming back for another run. In the lead-up to their final audition bootcamp and (hopefully) the reveal of the new line-up, Idol is SHiT and a bunch of other cool sites (that none of you probably visit because you’re dummies) are doing a bit of a BiS countdown. It’s all in good fun, so don’t freak out if our top 10 doesn’t perfectly match yours or anything silly like that.

I have the great pleasure and fortune to be able to write about two of the most enjoyable/meaningful BiS songs to me from their rather extensive back catalog. The first of which is of course “My Ixxx”, which hopefully you figured out from the title of this article.

Like a lot of people, “My Ixxx” is when I first really started taking notice of BiS. I’d kinda loosely followed the group for a short time before then but this was 5 years ago (yikes) and idol groups were nowhere near as social media competent as they are now. How things have changed since then, on many fronts. For one, I’m not sure you’d get away with doing the kind of music video that BiS did for this song back in 2011 in 2016.

I know I’m supposed to talk about the music, but we kinda have to talk about the video and get that elephant out of the room first. I first saw the video after seeing some Japanese entertainment news website post an article with some kind of wild headline going on about naked girls in woods or something to that effect. That’s pretty much what the video is after all, they even bust out some of that colored powder stuff that’s so popular these days. Ahead of the curve on that particular trend too so they were.

Moving on to the song, and for me this is just a combination of many of the things I love in music. It has a great Pop Punk inspired instrumental going on, the chorus is catchy as hell which is something I’m always looking for and while not being crazy high tempo, there’s enough there to get your heat bobbing and your foot tapping. For me the hallmark of a great song is one that I always come back to and “My Ixxx” definitely falls into that category.

Sure “My Ixxx” might not sound like much these days (get off my lawn you damn kids!), but back then this was not the sort of music that many idol groups were doing. It was something different and people were somewhat dismissive of it, mostly due to the unconventional promotional tactics employed. It’s quite incredible to think how “My Ixxx” and much of the early BiS catalog paved the way for the Alt-Idol scene as it exists today.

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