[PV Roundup] Yumemiru Adolescence, Niji no Conquistador, DIANNA☆SWEET, Ebisu Muscats, ROCK A JAPONICA

by Mike

Ebisu Muscats – “Sexy Beach Honeymoon”


It’s not every day you can rank an idol group by how well the girls can suck a dick, but with Ebisu Muscats you can actually do this with video evidence to support your claim. This group of gravure and AV idols has been a surprisingly fun addition to the industry with their raunchy, nice quality PVs and absolutely hilarious TV show. Amazingly enough, they even hold up musically as well.

Tokyo Girls’ Update may pretend it doesn’t know what these girls do for their day jobs, but the producers of this video sure as hell don’t. While we may not get any nudity from our lovely connoisseurs of sex, the imagery of this video does everything it can to promote some sexuality without blatant sex. There’s a very generous usage of shots filmed in bikinis with the girls getting sprayed with what I’m going to assume is water. Hey, you never know with some of these girls.

On a somewhat related note, Mikami Yua is in the group now too, and her latest videos show just what a human water gun she can be. There’s also a few shots where everyone is jumping up and down in slow motion for very obvious reasons. This video doesn’t give a fuck about staying kosher at all, and it’s presented in a really awesome, fun, and carefree way. It’s refreshing, I think.

If you can hang with this kind of imagery, it’s pretty hot and well done. There’s also these really epic transition shots that make use of very jiggly tits and ass. In a way it makes me think of the old Transformers cartoon where they’d swap scenes with the flying Autobot and Decepticon logos. I’m not quite sure whose butt they used in these shots, but damn, you could ricochet a bullet off that thing. Very nice indeed. But yeah, all of the sexy imagery of this group is super hot, as always. I mean, they’ve got the best of the best in this group to pull this kind of stuff off, and they make use of all of the assets at their disposal, completely and shamelessly. It’s great.

When we’re not getting a sexy overload, there actually is a more typical, idol-like side to this PV. There’s a dance shot spaced throughout that features these really nice red, white and blue cheerleader-like outfits. They are a bit revealing but it’s nothing that you’d bat an eye about in a typical idol group. The dancing is neither amazing nor bad. Some of the moves are a little sultry as we’d expect from our lovely unladylike ladies.

Technically, the PV may look a little cheap. The sets are mostly white or a random monochrome background, but who’s looking at the damn walls in this PV? There are a few flowery aftereffects that look super cheap, but I barely noticed them. Also disappointing is the encode posted to their official YouTube channel looks like a bad DVD rip, and not in HD. Guess they want that DMM money.

Song-wise, it’s a very enjoyable song. It’s actually astonishing how well this group holds up vocally. Kamisaki Shiori in particular has a surprisingly decent singing voice, and the girl at the 1:10 mark whose name evades me rivals career singers (pretty sure it’s Kawakami Nanami -G). The instrumentals do sound pretty cheap in this one, but they’re good enough to keep things moving. All in all this is a pretty fun release. This group is a lot of fun for those of us in the fandom who aren’t scared of a little sexuality. Well, there’s more than a little here.


Ebisu Muscats’ 11th single dropped May 25th.

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