[PV Roundup] Yumemiru Adolescence, Niji no Conquistador, DIANNA☆SWEET, Ebisu Muscats, ROCK A JAPONICA

by Mike


Bent out of shape from the week? Don’t worry, the PVs are here to get you back upright.


Yumemiru Adolescence – “Leadership”


It feels like Yumemiru Adolescence has been dropping releases like crazy this year. Breaking a long-standing track record of two per year with this third installment in 2016, Yumeado continues on with their recent trend of sexiness and adds some fun gimmicks to their latest PV.

Not even ten seconds into the PV, we see something is up here. Or rather, sideways. It becomes clear the set is not what it seems. A majority of the shots are filmed with the set standing at a 45 degree angle, but presented as level to the camera eye. Some are in line with gravity however, and the mind play with this gimmick is actually very enthralling. The girls even troll us in a few shots by pretending to be falling off stage or holding on for dear life, only for the camera to rotate and reveal we’ve been had. The actual set itself is pretty monochrome and randomly decorated with wall-mounted fixtures, but the use of the set is beyond superb.

Tying into this, there is a great deal of dance and choreography to the PV, and it’s all fantastic. While the dancing may not be the most energetic they’ve done, the way it ties into the visual trickery is done super well. There’s also a very blatant element of sultriness to it that matches their recent style, and it’s executed fantastically by each of the members. Their performance ability is very high and it shows in this video.

On top of the dancing, all of the solo and expressions shots are on point. These girls know how to flirt with the camera in an almost covert way. Ogino Karin in particular always surprises me in these kinds of shots. She looks so youthful and cute, but she’s really 150 centimeters of woman with her sneaked in winks and whatnot. There’s also an extra in this PV that pulls off some pretty slick moves on the angled set. It was a good addition, I think. Shots filmed with a “flat” set drifted into the angled shots very elegantly. Every scene feels carefully selected and the camera work is damn near perfect.

And the outfits, my goodness. Yumeado is no stranger to pulling no punches in their outfits in terms of sexiness, and while these may not be the farthest they’ve gone with that theme, they’re still pretty damn good eye candy. In reality, they’re pretty simple striped one piece dresses, but some of them are pretty form fitting. Kyouka’s in particular doesn’t really leave a lot to the imagination. All of them however are quite leggy. Leg fans will find something they like in here, be it my personal favorite of the meaty, epic thighs of Yamada Akari that are practically hanging out in most shots. Or perhaps you prefer the slender, lengthy works of leg art Kobayashi Rei has to offer. Somewhere in between? Look around, you’ll find someone. Everyone looks absolutely superb in this PV.

As for the song, it definitely continues on with the sexy theme. I do find that this song lacks a punch that I prefer their songs to have, but it’s really well put together with pretty wonderful instrumentals so I can’t complain too much. A lot of the time sultry songs have no personality to them, but this one certainly does. It’s worth noting that artist MINMI wrote and composed this song. If you’re familiar with her works, it’s pretty obvious. This was definitely a fun ride to the sexy zone.


Yumemiru Adolescence’s fifth major single drops July 27th.

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