[PV Roundup] Tsubasa Fly, Musubizm, With Love, Doll Fu, PASSPO☆

by Mike

PASSPO☆ – “Bachelorette wa Owaranai”


We’ve covered a lot of random groups this week, but it’s time to get back on the mainstream course with PASSPO’s new A-side. I was really eager to see this one as the B-side was already super, super impressive, and once again I gotta say, PASSPO is really back and it’s so awesome.

I’m so thrilled to announce my marriage to Negishi Ai, but I told Nippon Crown it really wasn’t necessary to integrate it into the the latest PV. I hope you guys can be happy for us. Anyway, the PV starts off with a cute little opening about our marriage being covered by the news, followed by the girls trying to decide what they’re going to do, and the answer is obvious by the title of the song: bachelorette party!

And so begin the festivities. Instead of the usual flight attendant wear, the girls are wearing various dresses. Everyone looks, uh, brilliant. PASSPO really is the best looking group out there, man. Nothing but hotties from end to end. Obviously, I’m going to say my wife looks the best, but I gotta give an honorable mention to Tamai Anna. That dress of hers is just wonderful and her shoulder game is A+. I’m really glad my wife can’t read English right now or I’d be in trouble.

The theme continues on with the girls giving Aipon various gifts. Iwamura Natsumi appears to give her some kind of alcoholic drink so strong it would technically qualify as paint thinner, most likely as revenge for me oshihen’ing from her several years ago. I’m sorry, alright?! Mori Shiori also gives her a bat. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Morishi. The party continues and the drinks fly. Everyone is very interested in getting Aipon drunk. Don’t hurt my wife, you naughty girls. I’ll punish you all!

My dear bride to be is then subjected to some silly games and such before she succumbs to all the booze, but luckily wakes up just in time for the wedding with six of the hottest bride’s maids ever to celebrate the big day. Best bride’s maid outfits ever, by the way. The PV then wraps up with Annya trying to be a home wrecker. Maybe I can talk Aipon into it. Ahem.

Okay, stupid jokes aside, this PV is wonderful. It’s a visual example of PASSPO at their best with constant fun and high energy. This one kinda skips on the dance part, but instead we get a generous amount of wonderful solo shots. I’d say it was worth the trade off because seriously dude, how amazing do these girls look in this PV? It’s ridiculous. PASSPO has really gone back to their roots since their label change and I’m overwhelmingly happy to see it happen.

The song? Once again, it sounds like the good old PASSPO we knew and loved. Garry and I had a discussion about how it felt like they were just phoning it in under Universal Japan in their last year with the constant best of albums and whatnot, and it’s great to see that’s gone and we’re back to this super high quality, brilliantly made pop-rock music that PASSPO excels in making. The instrumentals are extremely well done and the vocals are totally on point. I’m glad they’ve been able to retain the quality despite losing a couple of members the past few years. This group is back to kicking all kinds of ass and it’s so great. I just wanna throw something. I’m so glad this is happening. WOOHOO!


PASSPO’s 21st single drops July 27th.

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