[PV Roundup] PASSPO☆, Tokyo Kissa, 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, Shida Summer Arai Summer

by Mike

Shida Summer Arai Summer – “Shakenetsu Summer ~SUMMER KING x SUMMER QUEEN~”


Finally, we have a collab between Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Arai Hitomi and Yumemiru Adolescence’s Shida Yuumi. I’m not particular sure what sparked this collaboration, but I’m glad it happened because I had literally nothing else to write about. That aside, it’s a pretty fun PV with a song that you will either love or hate depending on how you feel about the Avex sound.

This PV is almost a guaranteed winner in the visuals simply due to the members in it. Arai Hitomi is pretty cute, and Shida Yuumi is definitely in line with Yumeado’s gorgeous standard. These two really shine with the summer theme going on. For outfits, we get some really nice beach friendly one piece dresses. They’re really cute and the colors are bright much like the rest of the outdoor setting. Both girls look gorgeous throughout the video.

The set for this one is a beach and the surrounding area. Pretty obvious choice for a summer PV, huh? The solo shots are filmed in a flower garden and it looks pretty good. A lot of shots are the girls messing around with each other. No, not in that way unfortunately. There’s also a recurring theme of the girls playing a “maru or batsu” game. I won’t spoil who loses but the final shot is pretty amusing. The colors are consistency bright throughout the video, but not to the point of being annoying. It fits the theme just fine.

The choreography for this PV is pretty nice. There’s no denying that TGS and Yumeado are both groups that know how to actually dance, and we do get to see that in this PV. Quite a bit of the PV is frolic and fun, though. It all works nicely together and there’s a satisfactory amount of both. This PV also wins big on the solo shots. Both girls get to strike some really nice poses and the pandering to the camera is really well done.

Song-wise, like I said, it depends on you, dear wota. Do you like the “EVERY AVEX SONG EVER MADE” sound? If you do, this song is for you. You could swap this with any TRF, old school Ayu, AAA, or Dream5 song and not be too off beat. As someone who fell in love with J-Pop on this sound I can hang with it, but it is definitely a generic Avex song through and through.

The synth instrumentals are over-saturated to the point that you can barely make out the intricacies of them. Yup, Avex. The chorus lines feature high notes and long holds. Yup, Avex! The tempo is really high throughout and never wavers. You can guess the next sentence.


This collab’s single drops July 6th.

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