[PV Roundup] PASSPO☆, Tokyo Kissa, 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, Shida Summer Arai Summer

by Mike

2o Love to Sweet Bullet – “Sotsugyou”


Once again I know nothing about this group, and a search for information in English lead me to the JPop Wikia that contains very important information. This is, in fact, a group folks. That’s not a dig on that wiki, I just found it amusing. Pardon my childish humor. This blind dive ended up being fruitful. This PV isn’t very exciting, but it’s nicely shot, features nice outfits, and some of the members are pretty cute.

Let’s talk about the set. Should be short and sweet as the entire PV is shot in the same spot. This PV is filmed in either a church or a set resembling one, complete with a huge organ, stained glass windows, and a cross on the podium. I’m curious if there’s some kind of context, but most likely it’s just there to look cool, which it mostly does. The girls don’t really interact with the set at all, but it would be kind of not kosher to some if girls were striking moe poses over the organ, or jumping on each other over the podium, huh?

For outfits, we only get one of those, too. Everything is doused in pink, and the tops look like kimonos, but if you look south, we see frilly seifuku-like skirts. It’s a very, uh, unique design choice, but they do look pretty nice. Most girls also have a pink hairband while a select few have a bonnet-like hat. They’re alright I guess. I must admit this is a really cute group of girls. In the 15 minutes or so I’ve been aware of this group I’ve taken a particular liking to Yamahiro Mihoko. Oh cool, she’s 18. Safe!


As for the technicals of the PV, that’s where things start to fall into more average territory. The dance looks like something you’d see at a tiny live show rather than something tailored for a choreographed PV. It’s not very intricate or lively. The camerawork get the job done and all of the members get plenty of screen time which is a plus. Most of the panning is very slow so it’s easy to see everything that’s going on.

The video is just a tad too bright in the solo shots though. Most of the shots are noticeably washed out. The group dance shots also suffer from what looks like a failed attempt at lens flare. There’s a very bright light source just underneath the holy podium. I’m not going to make any jokes on that one. It looks like they placed a studio light there for…some reason. It’s really distracting and doesn’t make much sense to me.

For the song, I’m actually digging it. It’s not amazing, but the vocals are catchy. These girls sound really nice together and some of them sound like they have some vocal potential. I would honestly expect a little more since this is their fifth single, but some of them sound like they could be good with a little more training. The potential is there but some members’ execution is a little flat. The instrumentals feature EDM-like elements, but this isn’t really a dance song. I guess it’s more “electro-pop” or whatever label we’re using these days. In any case, it’s a nice one.


2o Love to Sweet Bullet’s 5th single dropped March 23rd. (Yeah woops. It was in the wrong playlist. Whatever, there’s so little to round up this week anyway.)

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