[PV Roundup] PASSPO☆, Tokyo Kissa, 2o Love to Sweet Bullet, Shida Summer Arai Summer

by Mike

Tokyo Kissa – “Rising Taiyou”


I don’t know a thing about this group. From what I can gather on Twitter, they only formed in the October 2015 time frame. They also feature some super young members. Luckily, this release doesn’t pull a Tsuri Bit on us. Anyway, for a random pick this one turned out pretty cool in the audio department, but the video could use a little more cohesion.

Looks like the theme for this PV is a live show. Safe, cheap, and fun enough if done right as we saw with PASSPO earlier. I applaud this video for the good lighting and decent scene selection. Unfortunately some of the transitions are a bit harsh, and the video does suffer a little from the constant camera swapping.

There are a lot of members to cover, but some of the shots are random angles from the back of the stage that don’t really feature anyone. Mixed in are a few backstage and practice shots that are okay, but don’t really have a lot of character to them. Overall, the presentation of the theme is just okay.

The outfits are nice enough. Shorts and well-covering tank tops are the popular picks here, with a few skirts thrown in as well. After seeing the birth years of some of these members, I’m glad to say they’re fairly age appropriate. All of the girls look cute, but some of the attire lacks color, and there’s no real cohesion to the outfits at all. It’s quite noticeable.

The choreography for this PV is typical for a new-ish group. Considering some of their ages it’s actually pretty good, but in the grand scheme most of it is just okay. Not bad at all, but there’s nothing especially memorable either. The timing is equally just alright as well. Some of the synchronized moves aren’t so synchronized, but it’s not horribly off. At a live show none of it would be a problem, but this is a PV and you expect a little more from a staged video, yeah?

One thing I can get behind is the song. The instrumentals have a really retro electronic feel to them. The core of it reminds me of SID files from the Commodore 64. Wow, really showing my nerdiness on that one, huh? In any case I really like the monotonous but lively atmosphere of this song.

The vocals are actually really nice. These girls sound good together and the solo lines sprinkled here and there are delivered very well. It may not redefine any genres, but it’s nicely done. They just need to transfer some of this into their videos and this group might go places. I look forward to seeing what they do next.


Tokyo Kissa’s 1st album drops June 28th

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