[PV Roundup] Anna from ANNA☆S, BAND-MAID, HKT48, PassCode, ANGERME

by Mike


Yes, you see right, there’s a 48 group in this one. Prepare yourself.


Anna from ANNA☆S – “Fure”


I can’t really tell you a lot about ANNA☆S. I only have one PV from them dating back to last year and I wasn’t really impressed. However, as always I try to give everything a try, especially debuts. The leader of this group named, you guessed it, Anna, recently got a solo song, and it’s pretty good.

My first thought when watching this video was admittedly, “Damn, this girl is really pretty.” Sorry to be such a guy here, but my gosh she is pretty gorgeous. The PV features her in three or four different outfits, mostly cute one pieces of varying color. I think the pink one piece looks especially great one her. In the dance shots, we’re given a little fan service with jean shorts and a top that doesn’t reach down very far. Midriff visible or not, very pretty girl and very pretty outfits.

This PV has a few settings that aren’t particularly photogenic or enthralling. There are a few outdoor shots where she seems to be strolling through a random neighborhood. The shots are littered with street lights, tree limbs, signs and other clutter preventing it from being too gorgeous. The other shots are simply sets of living room and kitchen areas. They’re alright but nothing to rave about. The dance shots would be pretty cool if the window light wasn’t absolutely blinding.

The color filter is off the wall in this PV. Everything looks really washed out to the point it’s a tad irritating and hard to see through. I seriously don’t get Japan’s love for these filters. There is one exception though. At the 58 second mark, we’re treated to what looks like a fake rain shot. The colors here are acceptable and the shot just feels really well done. Maybe it’s just the bias of this being the one scene I can actually see everything. Sadly, they use this shot only one time. So much for that.

All in all, the technical aspects of the PV are just a tad below average, but not terrible. The dance shots aren’t exactly filled with dance, most of the shots are just okay, and the filters are set to overload.

The song is very bland in the instrumentals department, but pleasant. Nothing about it stands out as particularly right or wrong. What I can give some praise however, is the vocals. This girl has a pretty nice voice. She hits notes well and has just a very slight hint of raspiness in her voice. All these things combined make for a pleasant enough song to listen to. Hopefully she’ll get a better second single, though.


Anna’s debut album drops April 27th.

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