[PV Roundup] PASSPO☆, Kobushi Factory, i☆Ris, Silent Siren, Dream5

by Mike

i☆Ris – “Goin’ on”


i☆Ris is a group I stumbled onto toward the end of last year and was immediately taken with. They have this really wonderful sound when they sing as a chorus. They’re also all pretty gorgeous. I was quite surprised to learn they are all 19 years old or older. Saki is 24, even! I am amazed. Anyway, enough gushing. i☆Ris seems to be starting off the year with a nice enough song, but the PV…could have been a little better unfortunately.

The video seems to focus on outdoor and dressing room-based live preparation shots. This isn’t all bad, as we’re treated to quite a few lovely outfits and practice wear. If I may let my bias show, Saki (green) looks especially gorgeous. I would also be leaving out personally bias information if I didn’t say that I really miss Azuki’s (yellow) longer hair.

Sadly, aside from some cute civilian clothing, we’re left with a PV where very little happens. There isn’t even a danceshot section to this PV at all! Hell, they don’t even make it into the proper outfits until three-quarters of the way in. It’s a bummer too, because the outfits are pretty cute.

Song-wise, it’s nice. Very light pop music and very no-frills, but well presented and does a decent job at showcasing the girls’ voices. However, decent is quite a bit short of their previous single, “Bright Fantasy”, which I personally found to be a fantastic single. Anyway, it fits the image of this group in that it feels like something seiyuu would do. It ain’t bad, but I question how it might do in a playlist long-term.


i☆Ris’ 11th single drops February 17th.

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